5 things you should not say at a job interview


If there is ONE thing that nobody wants, is a bad job interview. Even worse, if you come across as a liar. Unfortunately, when trying to be that “perfect candidate”, some might go a little too far and end up saying things that they will later regret.

1. “I was fired from my last job, but it was not my fault.”
Try not to make excuses. Present the interviewer with facts.

2. “I can do anything!”
Don’t go to an interview thinking you know what the interviewer wants to hear.

3. “Are you going to check my references?”
That might not be the case, but it will make the interviewer wonder what you are trying to hide.

4. “I don’t have any weakness.”
Yea, you do. We all do.

5. “My only weakness is that I work too hard/much.”
Almost like repeating the one above. Even if that is true, it will sound arbitrary.